Alternate Site Setup - GramTracker

To restore service to clients as quickly as possible after the attack on MJ Freeway's infrastructure, we are provisioning our clients with an alternative site to continue using the software to record your sales transactions, manage inventory and patients, etc.  


Once you have been set up with your Alternative Site, log in with your admin user. Then you will need to take these steps to get to full operational functionality:

(follow indented links below each item for more information/guidance)

  1. Create all Users
    1. Manage Users >
  2. Create Categories
    1. Administer Categories >
  3. Create Vendors
    1. Vendors >
  4. Set up Pricing Weights and Pricing Groups
    1. Pricing >
  5. Import Products, Bulk Products and Patients
    1. Links to import files:
      1. Patient Import file >
      2. Product Import file >
      3. Bulk Import file >
    2. Our team can import these files for you if you send them to us.
  6. Add Test Results
    1. Test Results >
  7. Add Batches
    1. Batches >
  8. Purchase-Order all Packages
    1. Purchase Orders >
  9. Add Tax Rates
    1. Taxes >
  10. Import Patients or add as they come in
    1. Patient Management >
  11. Label settings
    1. Label articles >
  12. Compliance settings
    1. Compliance Settings >


Reach out to with any questions. Our entire team is fully focused on assisting clients with these alternative sites but the high volume of customer contact could slow down our immediate response. Please know your business is of extreme importance to us.

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