Supported Hardware

Currently we recommend the following hardware to use with Platform. This is based off of in house testing to ensure functionality during usage. Clients can purchase hardware directly from our shopping cart on

Inventory and Patient Label printers


  • GX420d
  • LP2824 Plus     *Please note only the Plus is compatible. 
  • TLP2824
  • Zebra ZD410

Receipt Label Printer

  • Star TSP100

Bar code Scanner

  • Honeywell 1900
  • Socket Mobile 7ci

Plant Tag Printer

  • Note this printer will work with platform, only if the latest firmware is installed. MJ Freeway does not support this Machine, any technical support would need to be from the seller. These printers need ZPL emulators setup on them through the firmware on the machine, contact the sellers support team for additional info. 
  • United Label ULTXPSX5
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