Why does my connection to MJFreeway seem slow?

This article discusses some potential reasons that your access to MJFreeway may be slower than you would like.

On average, MJFreeway's server's response time are less than a second, and our server uptime is 99%.

Unless our server is experiencing issues, it is likely that slow speeds can be attributed to an outside cause.
Because of this, there may be some computer or network settings you can change to improve your perfomance.

Memory usage on your POS is important:

  1. We strongly recommend that your MJFreeway POS machine is rebooted nightly.
  2. Other programs running in the background can limit performance of both your computer and your web browser, please close any unnecessary programs before using MJFreeway.
  3. Some web toolbars such as the Yahoo!, Bing, Google or AOL toolbars can cause speed issues and as such, are not reccomended for use with MJFreeway.

Your available bandwith plays perhaps the most important role in the speed of your MJFreeway system.
With each transaction your system downloads data from MJFreeway, and sends return data.
This means that any item that interrupts this data, or anything that shares your same Internet connection
can cause slower speeds, or even timeouts.
Items that might disrupt or slow your connection to MJFreeway include but are not limited to:

  1. Internal Security Systems, such as your video camera network or alarm system.
  2. Streaming data sites, such as Pandora or Youtube.
  3. Large downloads, particulary Bittorrent files.
  4. Many users checking websites or e-mail at the same time.

You can check and verify that your Internet connection meets the minimum requirements to use MJFreeway.
MJFreeway requires:

3-5 Mbps Download
768k Upload (1.5 Mbps recommended)

You can verify your Internet Speed by checking any of the below sites:
Please note: you should test at your busiest time

We recommend the following settings for Firefox:
Set Firefox to clear cache when exiting the browser.

1) Make sure you can see the Firefox menu bar:
Right click in blank space on the top bar, and make sure "Menu Bar" is checked

2) On the Menu Bar, click "Tools" then "Options", the below screen will appear. Click the "Privacy" tab.

3) On the Privacy tab, click the dropdown and select "Use custom settings for history."

4) Make sure the "Clear history when Firefox closes" checkbox is checked.

5) Click the "Settings" checkbox, and verify that at least the "Cache" checkbox is checked.

6) Click "OK" until you are returned to the Firefox browser.
The below sites can give you other potential solutions to a slow Internet connection problem:
Click: Common reasons why highspeed Internet connections perform more slowly than claimed.
Click: Some tips to speed up Firefox.

***To increase internet connectivity redundancy, many of our clients will also have a data connection on standby.  This can come in the form of a data enabled tablet, or more commonly something like a Mifi hotspot, which provides enough bandwidth to operate several stations.

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