Aside from the simple name lookup and driver’s license scan found on the Patient Management screen, you can search patients with more advanced criteria.

Navigating to: Patients > Lookup> Patient Lookup

The Patient Lookup screen in MJ Freeway’s GramTracker lists of active patients within and gives you the ability to sort and filter based on various pieces of information.

From the search grid, you can search for patients based on Last Name, First Name, E-mail Address, Goes By name, and a few other details described below:

Is Member? – Each patient in MJ Freeway can be flagged as a Member or Non-Member.  This dropdown allows you to generate a list of all Members or Non-Members.

Paperwork – This dropdown includes ‘Paperwork Complete’ and ‘Incomplete.’  Each patient profile has a ‘Paperwork Complete’ checkbox that allows you to manually define whether or not a profile is complete.

Status – The statuses in this dropdown are ‘Checked in’ and ‘Processing.’  This allows you pull up patients that are only currently Checked in or ‘Processing’(currently in-progress.)

You can use multiple parameters during a search.  If we want to search for all Members, with paperwork Incomplete, with a last name starting with the letter ‘A’, we would populate our search fields as follows:

Many of the column headers found on Patient Lookup are active, meaning that if you click on them, the grid sorts based on that column.

For instance, if we click on ‘MMJ Card Exp’, all patients in the system will be sorted by their expiration dates, started from the earliest dates(often expired) to the latest dates.  Clicking that header will display your patient list in the reserve order, as in the screenshot below.


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