02.07. Auto Price

Split Pricing allows you to give pricing breaks to patients when they purchase multiple strains, for instance, an 1/8th of Blue Dream and an 1/8th of Blueberry priced to the 1/4oz price break.




To enable and configure Autoprice in MJ Freeway’s GramTracker, navigate to Admin > Settings > Sales



The first dropdown allows you to decide whether of not you will allow Autopricing ACROSS pricing groups or only WITHIN pricing groups.

Calculate across all items – In this case, if we created an order with 3.5g of a strain that has a $70/7g price AND 3.5g of a strain that has an $80/7g, Autoprice would adjust the total to $75, the average 7g price of the products on the order.

Calculates within pricing groups – With this setting enabled, Autoprice will only adjust or combine strains that are set to same pricing group.  From the example above, both strains would need to have 7g priced to $70 in order for Autoprice apply a pricing break of $70 for 2 x 3.5g..


The second configurable option relating to Autoprice is ‘Limit Auto Price to Whole Weights.’

Consider the pricing example below, for Blue Dream and Blueberry:


For this example, we will build an order consisting of 2 x 3.5g of Blue Dream and 1 x 3.5g of Blueberry.  This order, made of 3 x 3.5g(10.5g TOTAL) will have an original subtotal of $135

Limit Auto Price to Whole Weights (DISABLED/UNCHECKED) – With this scenario, we are giving the best price for the entire order based on TOTAL order weight.  The $135 original subtotal would be adjusted to a price of $105.  This happens because 3.5g at the 7g price break equals $35, not the original list price of $45.  Since we are autopricing the ENTIRE weight on this order, all three 3.5g are reduced to $35.

Limit Auto Price to Whole Weights (ENABLED/CHECKED) – With this setting enabled, we will only allow combinations into weights that have defined prices in our pricing group.  From the scenario above, our original subtotal of $135 would be adjusted to $115.  Since we don’t have a defined price for 10.5g, but we do have a defined price for 7g, 2 x 3.5g would be combined for the $70/7g and the third 3.5g would be full price at $5.  This gives an order total of $70 + $45 = $115.

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