GramTracker includes a timeclock functionality, allowing store managers and administrators to track when users clock in and out or take breaks.


1. Using Timeclock

2. Approving Shifts

3. Timeclock Admin Settings

Using Timeclock


To use the timeclock, a user must first click his or her name in the upper right corner of any page within the system.

The four buttons for the timeclock will be listed underneath the username on the user page.

Upon clicking one of these buttons, it will register within the system as a “punch” and no longer be displayed, with Last Punch displaying the time and punch type.


Clock In and Clock End mark the beginning and end of a shift. Administrators may adjust timeclock behavior to clock in users automatically upon their first login of the day.


Break Start and Break End will mark time spent on a break, which will be deducted from hours estimated for a shift.

Approving Shifts


Managers and administrators may approve shifts for users by navigating to Admin, Timeclock. This page will display a list of shifts that haven’t been approved.

Expanding Filter Time Entries will display a list of ways to refine the timeclock information displayed.

Employee allows you to select a specific employee or employees to display.

Start and End Date allow you to set a timeframe to display. By default, the Start Date will be the earliest date with an unapproved shift, and the End Date will be up to one week later.


Show Employees with No Activity forces the system to display a full list of employees, regardless of whether any of them recorded any timeclock punches. This allows you to approve hours on days where the employee forgot to clock in.

The approval interface, by default, displays just the employee name and the number of unapproved days within the filtered range. By clicking an employee username, the display expands to display a list of dates with their approved or unapproved hours.


The system provides an estimate of the time clocked in a shift in the Estimated Hours field. A manager or administrator may override this manually by entering a number in the Approved Hours field.


To review the user’s punches logged within the system, click the date to expand the display.


As you can see, Budtender clocked in a second time without clocking out. Because of this, the system automatically calculated through the end of the calendar date. To enter the actual hours worked, enter the number of Approved Hours. When the shift is correct, check the Confirm checkbox. Shifts that are approved or have a checked Confirm box will be colored green.


Once all shifts are approved, click the Confirm All Approvals button under the timeclock display. When the page refreshes, the date range may change to reflect a new earliest unapproved shift.


Note that you can still change approved hours once a shift has been approved. To do so, enter a new value in the Approved Hours box and check the box. This will uncheck the Confirm checkbox.


To save this change, check the box and click the Confirm All Approvals button.

Timeclock Admin Settings


Under Admin, General Settings administrators can set the behavior of the timeclock.


With this setting selected, a user will automatically be clocked in when they log in for the first time in a day. This can occur only once per day and will not automatically log a user in a second time if he or she logs in again after clocking out.

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