BARCODE SCANNER - Scanning 2D Driver's License Barcodes & Programming

There are two methods for computers to read driver's license information: the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, or the 2D barcode on the back of the card. 

If you are in a State that does not have Magnetic Stripes on their Driver's Licenses, here is what will be needed to scan the driver's license 2D barcode in a format compatible for GramTracker:

1.  A Honeywell scanner compatible with the Honeywell EasyDL software:

  • We have tested and recommend the Xenon 1900 model.  This model can be purchased through MJ Freeway by contacting us at 888-932-6537.

2.  EasyDL Software Installed on the scanner

  • EasyDL may come pre-installed on your scanner.  If you purchase your scanner through MJ Freeway, it should come pre-installed.  To confirm whether your scanner has EasyDL installed, please refer to page 59 on the EasyDL guide here.

3.  An EasyDL license key

  • The EasyDL software may require a license key.  An MJ Freeway support representative can help you in verifying that your software has the proper license key and if it doesn't, how you can purchase a license key to the EasyDL software for your scanner.
  • To verify that the plugin is installed and licensed properly, print out and scan these three barcodes below into a notepad file. If it comes back blank, or with the codes below each barcode, the plugin is not installed properly:

4.  The formatting barcode provided by MJ Freeway

  • Once EasyDL is installed and licensed on the scanner, the scanner can be configured to output the Driver's License information into the MJ Freeway specific format by scanning a 2D barcode that programs the scanner with the correct format. Here are the instructions for doing that:

A.  Print out the unique formatting barcode below.

      • Click on the image below.  It will open in a separate browser window.
      • Print the image.


B.  To program your barcode scanner, simply scan the printed barcode(Scanning the image from the screen will not work.  You must print it first.)

C.  To test your barcode scanner, follow the steps on the BARCODE SCANNERS - HWBS02 - Step-by-Step Configuration Guide.

D. As of 3/20/2015, this barcode has been successfully tested with Colorado, Oregon and Nevada licenses, if you are in another state, please contact MJ Freeway support.


    • The barcode below is a reformatting created to deal with some licenses, if the code above does not work, scan this one in and try again.


             E. Additionally, you may encounter that when you scan a bar-code, you're having to press "Enter/Return" for it to take the number, and/or the cursor doesn't return to the scan field.

In that case, you may have to program your 2D scanner to use a carriage return (which will send the return function in after the scan). You can do this by scanning the bar-code below:



Illinois licenses have separate barcodes, one of which has the Driver's License # and another has the individual's name. Since these barcodes are separate, MJ Freeway isn't able to take all the information in at once to create a new patient record. However you CAN still use the license to search for a patient - some clients use a small piece of paper to cover up all but the top-most barcode (which should hold the DL #) and then scan ONLY that barcode. The scanner will input the DL #, and MJ Freeway can search for a patient using that.


For further help, please contact MJFreeway Support at 888-932-6537 (extension 1) or by emailing

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