5. Patients

Patients are the core of your organization.

As such, they are also the real core of GramTracker and GrowTracker.

These systems rely on Patient information to allow you to make and track sales of medicated products, as well as to assign and track plants.

Adding patients to your system is quick and easy, but there are some things that are worth noting before you begin.

This section of the guide is divided into 5 parts:

A. Patient Settings
B. Add Patient - Drivers License Swipe
C. Add Patient - Manual
D. The Patient Form
E. Checking a Patient In


A. Patient Settings

While GramTracker and GrowTracker are ready right away to accept and track patient data, you may wish to chance a few functions before starting sales or entering information.

Navigate to : Admin > Settings > General Settings

On this page, you will find a checkbox for "Allow Medicated For Patients with Expired Cards."  Verify that this box is unchecked, and click "Save Changes."

Navigate to : Admin > Customize Lists >  "List Terms" for "Catalog"
For any category of item containing medicine, click the "Edit" link.

Scroll down, and click the "This product contains MMJ" checkbox.

Click Save. 


B. Add Patient - Driver's License Swipe

Adding patients to Gram or GrowTracker is easy.

Navigate to: Patient Management page by clicking "Patients" in the top left corner of GramTracker.

If you have a Driver's License Swiper, and are in a State who's driver's licenses contain the proper data, you can add a patient to the system by clicking in the "Enter or Scan Drivers License #" field, and swiping the license.

If the Driver's License number doesn't yet exist in your system, the below screen will appear


Clicking "Create New Patient Record..." Will take you to the Add Patient form, with the data that was contained on the license, pre-populated into the appropriate fields.


C. Add Patient - Manual

Adding patients to Gram or GrowTracker is easy.

Navigate to: Patient Management page by clicking "Patients" in the top left corner of GramTracker.

On this page, simply click the "Add Patient"  button at the bottom of the page.

Clicking this will take you directly to the patient form.

D) The Patient Form

Mostly, the Patient Record Form is simple data entry, and you can fill in patient data basics such as Name, Street Address, and phone numbers as you would expect.

Important fields on the Patient Record may vary by state.
This guide will cover some of the most commonly used.

Driver's License Number: This allows for either the Driver's License Swiper, or for manual typing of the License Number to quickly locate the patient in the system. The value that is typed here is the value that is searched for on the patient management, "Enter or Scan Drivers License #" field.

MMJ Card / Expiration Date: This field allows you to record the License, Registration, or Recommendation number and expiration date for the patient. If the instructions in the Patient Settings of this guide have been followed, a patient must have a number and future date recorded here to be able to purchase any products containing MMJ.

Member: This field determines ONLY if this patient pays the Member price entered on a product vs the standard price. In states where every patient is required to be a member of the collective, this may be used to control who gets discounts as a Senior, Veteran, or Student.

Tax Exemption: Clicking this will cause the Point of Sale to skip applying tax to orders for this patient.

Physician Info:
Allows you to record information about the recommending doctor, if applicable.

Caregiver/Primary Center: Allows you to select the Caregiver for this patient. This list can be pre-populated in Admin > Customize Lists

Override Inventory Limits: For states that control how many plants a patient may be allocated, the override allows you to specify that this patient is allowed more than the default. Clicking this will pop up a menu that allows you to type in this patient's additional plants.

Paperwork Complete: This box is an indicator that you have everything that your organization needs for this patient. Since the requirements for each center may be slightly different, this is never checked automatically.

Notes and Additional Information : This allows you to record notes about this patient, such as indicating that they are also an employee, or that this person owes additional fees.

How did you hear about us? : Allows you to track how this patient was referred to your organization. This list can be pre-populated in Admin > Customize Lists.


Patient Documents: Optionally, you may upload scanned copies of your Patient Files.

Patient Photo:  Typically a scan of the Patient's Driver's License. This needs to be a picture file, png gif jpg jpeg, so that it can display on the patient Profile page.

Patient Documents:
You may upload as many documents as you like, and they can be of any of the following file types: txt doc docx pdf xls xlsx gif jpg jpeg bmp png rtf. These documents will be linked on the Profile page, and when clicked, the document will open in a new window, so it can be reviewed, then closed quickly.

When you are finished filling out the patient form, you can click "Save" at the bottom of the page, and you will be brought to the Patient profile.

E. Check In

After a patient is entered in the database, they can be checked in immediately.

For future visits, you will need to locate the patient record again to check them in.

Navigate to: Patient Management page by clicking "Patients" in the top left corner of GramTracker.

On this page, you may search by using the first name, last name, or both of the patient using the name fields

Alternatively, you may either swipe or type the License into the "Enter or Scan Drivers License #: " field and hitting Enter/Return on your keyboard:

If that License Number is found in the system, the patient record will be brought on screen.

The employee viewing the record can then check over the patient's details. If corrections or additions need to be made, you may click the "Patient Record" tab, to access that form.

Alternatively, if those details are correct, the you may click "Check In" to add the patient to the checked in patient queue.

This list will populate in order, showing the earliest checked in patient at the bottom, indicating who is next in line.

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