05.06. PRICING

This article will cover the steps needed to create and/or modify your standard weights (1 grams, Half Gram, 1/8th) and attach prices to these weights for various price tiers (Top Shelf, Mid-Shelf, etc.)

Admin > Pricing > Pricing Weights

This section allows you to add or modify any of your commonly sold weights.  To add a pricing weight, click ‘Add Pricing Weight’ or to modify an existing pricing weight, click ‘edit.’

Name:  This will be the name, or title, of the pricing weight that will show on patient receipts.

Actual Weight: This will be the default weight removed from inventory for that pricing weight when selected during a sale, assuming no Weigh Heavy is applied.

‘Use in-between weight pricing?’
1. Selecting YES here will mean that any sold weight above this weight’s ‘Actual Weight’ will receive prorated pricing based on this weights per gram price.  For instance, if our 1/8th is priced at $35($10/gram), and we have YES selected for in-between pricing, a sale of 5 grams would be priced to $50($10/gram.)
2. Selected YES will also enable this weight to be split into.  For instance, if our 1/4oz weight has YES selected for in-between pricing, we can add 1/8oz of two different strains and apply a split(see Auto-Price.)  This will cause a price adjustment on the order to give our 1/4oz price instead of the price of two individual eighths.

Display Weight: This refers to the order, or position, in the list of the pricing weight.  The lower the number, the higher on the chart the pricing weight will sit.

Click save and you will the your new pricing weight on your Pricing Weights list.

Admin > Pricing > Pricing Groups


Add A Pricing Group

This section allows you to populate member and non-member prices for all of your price tiers.  Pricing Groups can then be attached to products in order to quickly populate, or change, pricing for your products.  To add a pricing group, click ‘Add Pricing Group’.

Pricing Group Name: This will be your internal name/title of this pricing tier (Top Shelf, $50 1/8th, etc.)

Base Price: This will be the price appearing on a barcode label ($15/gram) should you decide to label your jars.

‘Price’ and ‘Member Price’ refer to the Member status of the patient.  If all patients receive the same pricing, simply populate the same prices for ‘Price’ and ‘Member Price.’


Once your group or groups have been added, you will be able to attach and auto-populate that pricing to your products under Inventory > Products. For more information on entering products, click here.


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