September 2012 GrowTracker MultiLocation Release

September 2012 GrowTracker MultiLocation Release

One of our biggest changes in this release is the ability for GrowTracker to fully support distinct grows.

GramTracker and GrowTracker together can now support any combination of physical locations - storefronts or growing operations. Below is a list of some of the changes and improvements you'll see as part of this release.

If you have more than one Grow site, you will need to contact MJ Freeway Product Support to enable the additional sites!

MJ Freeway can migrate your plants from your existing grow site to another. When calling, please let us know how you differentiate  between each location.

If you currently have GrowTracker enabled on your system, you may see a new "User Location" screen upon first logging in.


From here, you'll have the option to log in either to the Grow Operation or to your main dispensary/collective location. Only users will permissions to more than one location will see this screen on login. If you'd like to learn more about setting defaults to bypass this screen for future logins, please see this knowledgebase:

With this release, if you're logged into a GrowTracker Location, you will only see three tabs: Grow, Patients, and Help.


If you're logged into a GramTracker Location, you will no longer see the Grow tab, but you will see the others: Patients, Sales, WholeSale (if enabled), Inventory, Admin, Reports, and Help.


You can switch back and forth between the locations you have access to by using the Location drop down.


Patients and Strains are shared between all locations.  All other GrowTracker data such as Plants, Schedules, & Ingredients is now specific to a single GrowTracker location. 

All GrowTracker users will automatically see their data migrated to a "Grow Operation" location - for organizations with multiple grow operations who need additional GrowTracker locations, please contact the Support team.

To support more than one GrowTracker location within your system, some of the configuration options have been moved. Be sure to check the following setup screens to ensure that all settings are accurate: Grow > Setup > Settings (this is specific to the grow location you're logged into).  Also found on this page is the ability to associate a GrowTracker location to one or more specific caregiver(s) in your system to control which patients plants are assigned to:


There are several improvements to the GrowTracker functionality of managing plants. A few features are:

  • It is now possible to specify which patient information you wish to appear when viewing plants (patient ID, patient license/card number, or patient name)
  • You can now specify a specific caregiver or patient when creating plants
  • You can now change the patient or caregiver for a specific plant directly from the manage plants and scan plants screens.
  • The Plant Counts report has been refined to display more information and work across multiple grow locations.
  • There is a new Grow Forecast report. This uses the schedule information associated with plants, as well as historical harvest information to help project how much finished MMJ will be ready for harvest on which dates.
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