How to: Grow Bills

As part of grow costing, Grow Administrators can now identify bills due to various vendors, such as for utilities, and optionally set these bills to repeat within the system.


1. Vendors

To create a vendor for a bill, navigate to:



Once here, you may create a vendor by clicking Add a Vendor.


On the Create Vendor page, you may enter a name and ID (often the same) for the vendor, select a type if applicable, and fill in other typical information for this vendor, including attaching any required paperwork or other supporting documents.


Once you have entered the information you wish to include, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.



2. Bills

To review your bills or log a new one, navigate to:



To enter a new bill, click Add New Bill. This will call up the Create Grow Bill page.



On this page, enter the Name by which you will identify the bill, the date due or paid, and the amount paid. If you created a Vendor to assign to this bill, you may select that vendor from the dropbown box.

If this is a bill that is reoccurring, such as a daily bill for a service or a monthly bill for a utility, under Recurring Frequency enter the number of days or months and select the proper unit of time from the dropdown box.

As with vendors, you may also fill in any necessary notes or attach any necessary supporting documents.

Additionally, you may optionally select the purpose of the bill. Once you have filled in all appropriate data, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.




If recurring, once the required number of days or months have passed, the new bill will automatically be created within the system.

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