Patient Agreements

Dispensaries may now have patients create their own patient records through an online form viewed either on a device at the dispensary itself or at home.


To configure this feature, navigate to Admin, Settings, Patient Settings.


Once there, expand the Patient Agreements header. This section will contain the URL, a text field to include an explanatory body of text to display on the page, and sections to require information and upload your patient agreement.



To require specific information, simply check the boxes pictured below to make them mandatory fields:



To upload a copy of your patient agreement, simply click Browse... and select the file:



The patient workflow will then proceed as follows:

  1. The patient will navigate to the URL.
  2. The patient will click a link to view the patient agreement. Only after this is done will a patient be able to click the I Agree checkbox.
  3. The patient will then be provided with a form to fill out containing all fields pictured above, with checked fields denoted with a red asterisk.
  4. The patient will then click Register, creating a patient record within your database.
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