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The following article will cover adding and modifying batches with MJ Freeway’s GramTracker(store-side.)  When transferring inventory from GrowTracker, there is no need to manually add the batch to GramTracker, as this will happen automatically.   You will have the ability to modify/edit that batch in GramTracker, if needed, for things like ingredients or testing results.  You will also have the ability to manually add a batch to GramTracker if you aren’t using GrowTracker.

*The main focus of this article will be EDITING batches within GramTracker, since manually adding batches most often happens on the Purchase Order while the inventory is being entered into the system.


Navigating to Inventory > Batches > View Batches allows you to see every batch ever entered into GramTracker.


We can search for existing batches based on BATCH ID, PRODUCER and/or PRODUCER LICENSE #.  The grid view, on which you  can see you list of batches, has sortable headers for Batch ID, Producer License #, Ingredients and Creation date.  Clicking on any one of these will sort your batches in order based on that column.

For the following example we will add some details to batch BluDrm.4.21a.


On the edit page for ‘BluDrm.4.21a’ we have the details above.

Batch ID – This is the name of your batch and you have the ability to include this on inventory and patient labels.

Producer and Producer License # - Producer is the grower or manufacturer of the product relating to this batch.

Strain – This is the type of flower initially grown to create this batch of product, whether the finished product Is sellable flower, trim, concentrate, edibles, etc.

Populate Ingredients from Template – You can create ingredient templates in Inventory > Batches > Ingredient Templates.  These are often used when a similar set of ingredients is commonly used for a particular strain, or all strains, in cases where ingredients are required on labeling.  Selecting a template will automatically add all ingredients from that template to the batch.
*for ingredient templates, see:

Harvest Date – This will reflect date of harvest.

Ingredients – Ingredients from a template will automatically be added here.  Ingredient and testing results can also be manually populated.  In the case, we have added some testing results to our batch.

Ingredient File – Documents, such as .pdf files, can be attached here.



We have now added testing results to our batch.  These results will display on inventory and patient labels, with the proper label settings enabled.


Batches can be entered from scratch by simply clicking on ‘Enter Batch.’

Aside from your full list of batches, you can find individual batches by navigating directly to the inventory item itself.

By navigating to our Blue Dream inventory, we can see our new batch ‘BluDrm.4.21a’ is one of three batch of Blue Dream currently in stock, and it is in the safe.  We could also edit the details for ‘BluDrm.4.21a’ by clicking on it from this screen.

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