4. Recipes

As of the MixTracker release, users can create recipes within their database. These recipes serve as templates to allow users to run preset conversions.


To create a recipe, navigate to:



Once here, you will see an existing list of recipes (if any exist). To create a new one, click Add New Recipe.


Once here, you may enter the Title of the conversion as well as the Input and Output product(s). This follows typical conversion rules for the location, including multiple inputs to one output for MixTracker locations. You may also upload a picture to associate with the recipe.



Once this is done, you will notice a Recipes selection box on your Conversions page. To use a recipe:


  1. Select your desired recipe from the dropdown.                                                                     
  2. Click Use this Recipe to apply its settings to the conversion.
  3. From here, adjust weights as appropriate for this instance and proceed with the conversion as normal.
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