Inventory Notifications

Within a GramTracker or MixTracker database, administrators can designate one or more email addresses to receive notifications when inventory drops below a certain threshold.


Appointing an inventory contact


To designate an inventory notification contact, navigate to Admin, Locations, Setup Locations. Click the edit link for your current location. Note that if you have multiple dispensary or processor locations you will need to be on that location to see an edit link.



A new field exists above the Address and Mailing Address subheaders for Inventory Notifications Contact Address. Simply enter the address or comma-separated addresses you wish to notify when stock levels ball below thresholds.


Scroll to the bottom and click Save once this data has been entered.



Setting inventory thresholds


Thresholds can be set by Category and by Inventory Location.


Setting Category Thresholds

To set a threshold, navigate to Admin, Customize Lists and select List Terms for the Catalog list.



Click the edit link for a category you wish to adjust.


Under the Advanced Options header you will be able to set an Inventory buffer for bulk and simple products that fall within that category.


Scroll to the bottom and click Save once this data has been entered.


Setting Location Thresholds

To set a threshold for a given inventory location, navigate to Inventory, Locations, Storage Locations or Budtender Stations, depending on where you want to set the threshold.


You will see a list of locations with a Threshold column. To edit a threshold, click the Set link or the current threshold.


This will open a pop-up to let you select a new threshold and set a unit of measurement for the bulk threshold.


Click Save once this data has been entered.


Once buffers and a contact email address have been set, the system will poll the inventory at a regular interval and, should any stocks have fallen below the threshold, send an email to the contact address with a notification of what product(s) have fallen below threshold, the current stock level(s), and the dispensary and inventory location(s) affected.

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