01.01.05. Seeds

Navigate to: Grow > Plants > Seeds


Whether you are creating seed packs for distribution to the retail store to be sold, growing from seed, etc. this is your Manage Seeds Home Page. Here you can Create New Seed Package as well as view all the seed packages in your site.

**Note: No matter how many seeds sprout when they use seed packs , we can account for any and all plants coming from that seed pack. You may need to Right click on the Manage plants screen to get it to show up as a field.

01.02.05.A. Create New Seed Package

Select the link Create New Seed Package. Fields with the red asterisk (*) are the required fields in this window.

Qty:* This is a required field; enter the Quantity of seed packages you are creating here.

Strain:* This is a required field; Select which Strain of cannabis the seed package will be. The list of strains present in this drop down menu comes from your list of Active Strains you have entered and created in your Grow. To enter a strain that is not showing up as an option here, Navigate to Grow > Setup > Strains > Add Strain. For a tutorial on how to do this, click <HERE>.

Source Plant: This field is an optional drop down. The options in this dropdown are to select from the plants via the Plant ID/ID you have in your Grow. To see those plants, you can Navigate to Grow > Plants > Manage Plants.



Once you hit Submit, you will have created that seed package. Unless the submit button has been selected, what is entered here will not be saved.


Once a seed package has been created, you will immediately see a yellow confirmation box denoting the save was complete. You will also see the seed package you created under Manage Seeds.

Package ID: This is an auto generated unique identifier that is now associated with the seed package created. If you click on the Package ID, it will take you to Grow > Distribute > Packages, since now this package is logged into your MJ Freeway Site.

For more information on the Grow > Distribute > Packages field, click <HERE>. We can now Adjust or Edit the Seed Package we created.

Adjust: By selecting the Adjust option, you are then routed to Grow > Distribute > Packages. You can choose which action to perform.

Action*: This is a required field to proceed. You can select to either, Add to package, remove from package, or split package.  By selecting either Add to package or remove from package, the menu options stay the same. Enter the Amount to Adjust*, meaning the quantity of seed to add to the package or that you are removing from the package.

Adjustment Notes: this field is optional if you would like to add a note to why you are performing this action, etc.

Select Adjust Now to save. If you do not select Adjust now, the changes made will not be saved.


Split Package: When you select to split the package, you will be given new menu options different from Add to package and remove from package.

New Package ID: this is an optional field. If you leave this field blank, your MJ Freeway system will auto-generate a package ID for you. For easier record keeping, we suggest assigning a package ID that will tie back to the original package if needed, in case you would like to track that split package further down the road.

**Note: make sure to check that the package is able to be split. In a grow distribution, the whole package is sent.


Amount to Adjust:*


Adjustment Notes:


Adjust Now: In order for your changes to be saved, this option must be selected.

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