How to Bring in a Manifest using the Integration

  1. To begin bringing in a Manifest from the State System we will navigate to Inventory > Purchase Orders > Enter a P.O.



  1. Once we reach the new Purchase Order page we will then Select "Receive from State System"


  1. We will then move to a page with a pick list of available Manifest's to be brought into inventory. Once you Select your Manifest click Receive. (If you Receive an error please visit this page)




  1. Once your PO has been created you will need to first check to make sure the Vendor/Supplier is tied to the PO. You can choose existing vendors from the Supplier pick list or if you need to add the vendor click on the link "Add Supplier" to add a new on. *The Vendor is required to have a license number, if you don't know it you can grab it from the Manifest title*








 5. Next we will scroll down to our product packages. The first thing you will want to do is cut the Compliance ID from the Package ID field and paste it into the Batch field. Then you will click "Add Batch" and save the batch. (You should see "Batch Details Found" underneath this field after saving, if you don't the batch did not save)








  1. Next you need to confirm your Cost, Harvest & Package dates, Qty receiving & Gross/Net weights. Once you have confirmed move on to the next product and repeat Steps 4 & 5.



  1. The final step will be to double check all your work and make sure the PO Status at the top of the page is set to "Checked In". Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. This will finalize your PO and transact inventory into the system. See an example of the Success Message below.










  1. You have now accepted your first Manifest using the State System Integration, Congratulations!












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