October 13 2016 Release

MJ Freeway is releasing several features and enhancements on 10/13/16. Please see
the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at
1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions or



  • New label format has been updated for all Oregon clients. There are now additional data entry points that will add extra detail to the label.
  • Additional Package Level Label - Due to new label format not having a bar code, an additional label format has been added to allow scanning of the package ID at the point of sale.
  • Oregon Rec - Metrc export has been updated to reflect if a business sold product to a “Customer” or a “Patient” and if Patient, to include the Patient’s medical ID.
    1. OR Rec clients will need to check “OR Medical Patient” on the customer’s profile and have the Medical ID field completed, if their sales need to be reported as a Patient.
    2. For those who setup patient groups, we added a button to automatically check that box for all Customers in a given Patient Group. Navigate to Admin > Customize Lists > Patient Groups and edit to find this button.
  • Categories can now be mapped for both OLCC and OMMP product types. Please check the mapping on your categories after the update to confirm correct settings.
  • Improvements to Oregon Labels for Bulk Flower and THC test results


  • New package label for Nevada Inventory Hub Locations
  • Nevada Wholesale Transfer Update
  • Top 3 terpene test results show on Grow labels
  • Harvest waste reporting to LEAF Data systems


  • Site Language update and additional fields added for METRC integration
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