MJ Freeway's Chain of Ownership and Custody

MJ Freeway’s Gram, Grow, and MixTracker Products provide incredibly detailed tracking along each step of the seed-to-sale process, allowing for in depth analysis and record keeping.

This process starts with the plant itself in GrowTracker.


Each plant is created as an individual, and each is assigned a unique identification number. This generates a barcode that can be printed to a waterproof label and affixed to many different mediums that can then stay with the plant throughout its life, but still can be quickly reprinted and replaced if needed.


Easily referenced by the barcode, GrowTracker maintains:

  • The plant’s origin, strain, lineage and gender.
  • The plant’s stage of life, and the date it was placed there.
  • The physical location of the plant, and the date it was placed there.
  • Any chemical and/or organic additives, their amounts, and application dates.
  • Costs of additives and equipment and the schedule of growth leading to harvest.


As a plant matures and is tended to, employees mark the appropriate change in the system. This can be as detailed as scanning the barcodes plant by plant, or location by location as determined by an administrator.

Each time a plant’s data is modified, GrowTracker records the updated data, the previous data, the user who made the change, and the date and time of the change.


Plants that do not make it to the harvest state can be destroyed within the system, and a record is maintained of the date, time, and reason for its destruction.


In turn, that data feeds comprehensive reports that allow plant by plant inventories, location and physical space planning, and harvest yield prediction.

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