CARD SWIPER - iPad Card Swiper Integration

iPad Credit Card Integration


One of the larger challenges facing delivery services is the ability to provide credit card processing for drivers.  Cash-only can be a challenge for patients and other credit card solutions require someone to leave their POS application before swiping.  Good news is here – we’ve found a solution:

The Apple Camera Connection Kit is simply a USB adapter that is available at .  It allows you to use the same small USB Card Swiper that connects to the computers in your collective.  Please note that mobile use of this device still requires an internet connection, you will likely require the data plan for your iPad so you can access your carrier’s 3G or 4G network.


Installation and usage is a simple three step process:


1)    Connect the USB adapter to the port on the bottom of your iPad


2)    Connect your USB Card Swiper to the adapter


            When you connect the swiper, a warning will pop up on screen that the device is not supported.  You can safely ignore this warning by pressing the Dismiss button.


3)    You’re now ready to process the order:  Add medication, select the credit card payment option and when prompted to, simply swipe the card.  The order will complete and you’re good to go.


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