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Creating distributions in GrowTracker and transferring packages into your inventory in GramTracker is a simple process.  By following the set of instructions below, you will be able to seamlessly transfer packages from your Grow into your dispensary.

To start your distribution, make sure you have created your batches and packages in Grow Tracker for the specific plant you have harvested.  To review that process, go to HELP > GROWTRACKER > 3. GrowTracker – Harvest Quick Start Video on our Knowledge Base.



 1.  To create a distribution of packages in GrowTracker, go to GROW > DISTRIBUTE and click on the CREATE DISTRIBUTION link.


 2.  In the CREATE GROW DISTRIBUTION screen, enter the name of your distribution order.

 3.  In the status dropdown menu, you will find the options for PENDING, IN TRANSIT, and RECEIVED.


4. If the packages are still being stored in your Grow, leave the status as PENDING.

  • When the packages leave your Grow for delivery to your dispensary, change the status to IN TRANSIT.
  • ** If you are transferring your packages to GramTracker, do not set the status to RECEIVED.  Leave the status as IN TRANSIT and when the package is received in GramTracker, the status will be changed in GROW automatically.


 5.  When you check the TRANSFER TO GRAMTRACKER box, a dropdown option will appear and you can choose the specific location the packages will be going to.



6.  Enter the PACKAGE ID number created earlier when the packages were created in Grow.  (The STRAIN and BATCH ID for the package will automatically be added.)


Enter the OUTGOING WEIGHT of this package and the UOM.

 7.  Continue adding packages to this distribution list.  When you are finished, click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.  Your new distribution list will be added to the system.



8.  When your packages leave your Grow to go to your dispensary, you can change your distribution status by clicking EDIT and changing the STATUS to IN TRANSIT.  Hit the SAVE button at the bottom.



9.  Your distribution status will be updated to IN TRANSIT and it will be received in GramTracker.




To receive your packages created in GrowTracker and transferred into GramTracker, follow the instructions below:

 1.   In GramTracker, go to INVENTORY > RECEIVE TRANSFERS.  A list of available transfers will be listed.  Find the transfer that you want to receive and click on the RECEIVE NOW link.



2.  Select the appropriate inventory item that will be receiving this transfer.  Click RECEIVE NOW.



3.   A purchase order will be created for you to receive this transfer. 



4.  Enter the RECEIVED GROSS WEIGHT (the RECEIVED NET WEIGHT will be adjusted automatically).



5.  Click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.  The transfer will be completed and your inventory levels will be adjusted to include the amount transferred.



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