Enabling Colorado MMED Compliance Reporting

Below is the guide to what needs to happen to get MMED Reporting turned on and the appropriate fields filled out:

 Colorado MMED reporting must be turned on by an MJ Freeway employee. If you do not see compliance settings, please contact Support.

  1. Inventory Limits should be set for CO. Most of these should be set, but you can verify:
    1. Admin > Settings > Compliance
      1. Max # of plants in Veg: 3
      2. Max # of plants in Flower: 3
      3. Max # of plants in Any Stage: 6
      4. Maximum Finished MMJ per patient: 2
      5. Max FInished MMJ Weight Preference: Ounces
      6. Include MIP (Edibles) in MMJ Maximum: YES
        1. This is up for debate, but currently the MMED's position is that the net MMJ weight for MIPS should be included if known.
  2. Set up compliance-related fields (this can only be done after CO MMED reporting is enabled)
    1. Primary Fields:
      1. Admin > Location > (edit location)
      2. Set the following fields:
        1. MMJ License Number
        2. Entity Name for CO MMED Forms
        3. E-mail address or fax number for approved MMED transporation manifests
        4. Phone number MMED can call with questions
        5. Address
    2. If you have Wholesale:
      1. Ensure that you have a wholesale customer license type for "State MMJ" or something similar
      2. Go to Admin > Settings > Compliance and select the MMJ license type from the "Wholesale Customer License Type"
    3. If you have Grow:
      1. Grow > Setup > Settings
      2. Ensure the following fields are set:
        1. OPC License #
        2. Legal Entity Name
        3. Location Address
        4. E-mail address or phone number for approved MMED transportation manifests
        5. Phone number MMED can call with questions
  3. Set up new product field related to simple inventory, particularly MIPS:
    1. "This is a Marijuana Infused Product (MIP)"
      1. This should be set on brownies and the such.  If the MMED decides that MIPs should NOT be included on the reports, products with this flag set will have their weight excluded from MMED reports
    2. Default MMJ per Unit
      1. We do not know the net MMJ weight per unit for some simple items in inventory, either because it's a legacy conversion or because it's a MIPS and the net MMJ weight per item is unknown.  The value here will be used on MMED reports for items with an unknown net MMJ weight per unit.  This is used for both MIPS (where perhaps, we assume there's .5 grams of MMJ per unit) as well as for things like pre-rolled joints or prepack eighths.
  4. 1010 - Patient list specific stuff
    1. Ensure the appropriate caregivers are flagged at Admin > Customize Lists > Caregiver List
    2. For all patients that have designated the dispensary as their primary center, ensure that:
      1. That patient has the correct caregiver selected
      2. That patient has an MMJ card expiration date
      3. That patient has a "Designation Date" filled in
        1. For many customers, they might need to move the date from the "member since" field
    3. When running the 1010, it's very important that the copy of the report that is submitted to the MMED has its values stored.  If the values are not explicitly saved, it's possible that running it in the future could cause discrepancies between what was submitted to the MMED on the 1010, and what appears on the 1060 (though this is easily correctable on the 1060).

One final note to ensuring that MMED reports are accurate.

On the new MMED reports:

A PO counts as a "Transfer" if the supplier associated with the PO is marked as "in house grower"

A PO counts as a "Wholesale Purchase" if the supplier associated with the PO NOT marked as "in house grower"

Only medicated, batch-tracked items will be listed properly on these reports.

To help ensure everything's accurate, you will need to make sure you have their vendors flagged correctly.

Also, if you are using Grow, you should have a vendor set up for Grow that is marked as "in house gower", and then exactly copy the license number from that vendor to the Grow settings page.

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