06.02.02. By Vendor

06.02.02. By Vendor

The Sales by Vendor report will allow you to see sales made of products tied to vendors in your system.

This report can be found by navigating to: Reports > Sales > By Vendor


This report offers several options for customization:

  • Start Date / End Date: This is the date range you wish to view.
  • Vendors: This will allow you to select a vendor from your customized list of vendors.
  • Category: You can select an individual product category, or see all categories.
  • Product Name:  You can alternatively select one or all Products.
  • Base Cost On:  For product that is sold with occasional weight variance (e.g. "Weighing Heavy") you can set the displayed cost to show based on either the amount that patients have paid for (Sold), or for the amount of product that actually left the store (Dispensed).


 This report can be exported into a CSV for excel.



How this report is populated will be different depending on whether or not you are using Batch Tracking.

For non-batch systems, this report is populated based on the Vendor you've selected for the Inventory portion of your product.




For Bulk Inventory this can be found by navigating to:

Inventory > Bulk Inventory > Active Bulk Inventory,

then selecting an inventory item.





For Simple Inventory, this can be found by navigating to:

Inventory > Products > Active Products

then selecting a product


For Batch Tracked Systems:

This report will be populated based on the vendor you select as the Supplier of the purchase order used to bring in the product's packages.





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