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Navigating to Inventory > Bulk Inventory

You will have your list of all weighted inventory, such as Flower, Hash and Shake.  From this page, you will be able to see other details relating to your weighted items, such as Vendor, Stock Level and Dominance.


Bulk Name: This field allows you to search for specific items by name or partial name.

Vendor: This dropdown allows to view all items from a specific vendor. (Vendor information will need to be entered, along with vendor ID if you are wanting to include vendor information for Purchase Orders and Batches.)

Bulk Category: These categories are customizable and allow you to group and filter by terms like Flower, Shake and Hash. To customize these categories, Navigate to Admin > Customize Lists > Catalog and select Edit.  For more information on  Customized lists, click here.



04.01.01. Active Bulk Inventory

To add a new bulk item, click ‘Add New Bulk Inventory Item’




04.01.01.A. Create Bulk Inventory



 Name: Enter the name of the bulk inventory item in this field.  This will most often be a strain name.

Subname: This field holds additional details that will be displayed on the point of sale list view.

Vendor(s): This auto-completing field allows you to associate a vendor, or multiple vendors, to your bulk items.  Vendors must be entered in Inventory > Vendors in order to attach them to a bulk item.  Vendors will most be specified on the Purchase Order when inventory is added to the system.

Grown In-House: Although this field allows you track whether a strain is grown by you, each vendor will have an optional 'in-house' status.

Bulk Category: These customizable categories allow you to organize and group bulk items by category, such as Flower, Shake or Hash.

Default Cost: Enter your cost of the inventory in this field.  This will not be the item’s sell price, but rather what you paid for the inventory, or what it cost you to produce it.

Cost UOM: UOM stands for ‘Unit of Measure’ and will define the unit of the cost you entered in the field above.  These options include gram, ounce and pound.

Inventory Item is Active: Unchecking this box will send your item to the inactive inventory.  Inventory can be reactivated at any time.

Inventory Item is Medicated: This allows you to track whether the bulk inventory item is medicated.  Most bulk items will be medicated, although the non-medicated flag is present for items such as incense. **Note: When you check this option for a product, making it a "Medicated" product, you cannot uncheck this setting.  Therefore, once medicated, always medicated. 

Features: Clicking on ‘Features’ will expand an area for further strain details, such as Dominance (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid).  Dominance will display on patient labels.


Organic: N/A, Organic, Non-Organic; How was this cultivated?


Grow Location: Indoor, Outdoor, or Greenhouse


Grow Medium: Soil, Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Coco and Other.


Dominance: Indica Dominant, Sativa Dominant, Hybrid.


THC %: Enter as '20.25' or '20' it shows up as the whole number percentage you enter in the field. If no information is entered, it will show up as 'N/T'.


Tested: This checkbox allows you to tag whether an item in the inventory has been tested or not.

Supporting Files: If you have documentation you would like to retain and associate with this bulk inventory item, you can scan the document into your system and attach it here. 
Keep in mind the maximum file size is no larger than 2 MB and allowed extensions are .txt, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .xlsx, and .doc.


Notes: Any additional notes you choose to enter here.


Cancel: This will not save any information entered and will not be recoverable once canceled.


Save: Saves this entry and stays on this page.

Save and Adjust Inventory Levels & Cost:


Save And Create Another:


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