Navigate to: GramTracker > Inventory > Transfer

This section allows you to transfer inventory to any other location attached to your MJ Freeway Instance.  These additional locations may be other stores or even delivery drivers that carry a stock level on the road.  You will see any additional locations in a dropdown at the top of your site(pictured above.)


Initiate a Transfer:

navigate to Inventory > Transfers and click ‘Initiate a Transfer to Location.’


Title: Each transfer needs a title.  This will be the ‘name’ of this specific transfer and will be seen by the receiving location.

Target Location: This dropdown allows you to select the receiving location.

Status: You have 2 options for ‘Status.’

Pending: This status allows you to create a transfer but keep it on origins location for the time being.  Any transfer set to ‘Pending’ can be edited at any time.

Transferred Out: One a transfer is saved in the ‘Transferred Out’ status, the inventory will be removed from your system and the transfer will show up on the receiving location in Inventory > Receive Transfers.

Products: Lastly, you can add as many items as needed to a single transfer. 

++In the example above, we are sending 112 grams of Blue Dream and 15 Brownies.

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