10.15.13 Colorado Medical MED Labeling Requirements

On 10.15.13, new patient labeling requirements went into effect for Colorado.
For a full breakdown of these rules, click the below link, which will open in a new tab:

Page 78 and 79 contains regulations related to the labeling requirements.

Colorado Requires the use of 2 x 4 labels or multiple 2 x 1 labels to meet these requirements.
The 2 x 4 label selection in MJ Freeway are designed to meet these requirements, you may use other labels but you may have to meet state requirements outside of the system.

In GramTracker, you need to make some minor changes.
First you'll need to add the new disclaimer to your patient labels.
Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings > Label Printing Options.
Next, in the Default Label for printing from POS section, make sure you have 2 x 4 patient & ingredient labels selected.

Then, in the "Custom Long Disclaimer" section, paste the following text.

"Medicinal product - keep out of reach of children.

This product contains medical marijuana and was produced without
regulatory oversight for health, safety or efficacy and there may be health risks associated with
the consumption of the product.”

It is worth noting that Chemical Additives used while growing marijuana continue to be required, and are specifically noted in those regulations.
If you need assistance including these in your batch information please click this link, which will open in a new tab.

Net Weights of edibles, as well as the ingredients used to make the edible (such as flour, sugar, chocolate, and potential allergens) are also required.
These ingredients can be either be added as the ingredients of the batch for the edible product, or you can attach those as a file to the batch, which can be printed as an "info sheet".

Please take the time to review these regulations. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at:

Please note: As of this writing, 10.16.13, approved RFID vendors and other specifics have yet to be defined by the MED. You will need to contact them for further clarification.

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