Getting an easy list of packages and amounts

Once you receive your MITS package tabs, you may wish to obtain a quick list of the packages you have in GramTracker and the Products to which they are associated.


This may be easiest through a simple copy and paste from a fresh reconciliation.

To start navigate to: Inventory > Reconcile



Click "Start a Reconciliation"


Here, just like in a standard reconciliation, you can narrow down your search to a specific subset of information.

If you have a lot of active packages, a slow computer, or a slow connection, it is very important that you try to narrow down your filter as much as possible.



After selecting your filters, click "Apply Filters" you will be presented with a list of inventory items that match your selection.



In the top right-hand corner of the products list is a button named "Expand all". Clicking this link will open all of the products on your current reconciliation to display the packages of those products. Depending on your computer, as well as your connection speed, this can take some time. If prompted to stop a script on the page, please let it continue.


When the process completes, your reconciliation should appear similar to the following :


From here, we will click and drag from the word "Product Name" down.


This can then be copied and pasted into an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet.


If the hard to remove new weight boxes bother you, you can simply select the first few columns that contain the data you need...


And paste them into a new spreadsheet.



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