How to: Attach a METRC tag to a GramTracker Package

To facilitate METRC sales reporting, packages logged within GramTracker include a field for an Additional ID, in which a user may enter the metrc tag number associated with that package With METRC tags associated with the proper packages, an organization may continue using their traditional package naming scheme while simplifying their Metrc export.


To do so, navigate to Inventory, Products and search the product you need to attach the METRC tag to and click on the inventory level.




Once there, locate the desired package and click Edit.


On the edit page, under the Additional ID field, enter your metrc tag number. Once this is entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


Once this has been saved, any sales made from a package associated with that batch will display the Additional ID number instead of the GramTracker package number on the MITS Export:


***Please Note - With the ability to attach a SINGLE METRC ID to MANY different MJ Freeway packages, you will be able maintain your full product line in MJ Freeway while attaching the METRC ID to many products. This means, should you choose to load ALL of your edibles as one item into MITS, you can associate that one MITS ID to all of your edible packages in MJ Freeway.



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