Troubleshooting: Embedded Menu Not Displaying Products

Online Ordering Troubleshooting

I've embedded my online menu on my own website (eg. www.mycollective.mmj) but patients are telling me that they can't see any products, only my collective's name.

How an embedded online menu should appear:


How an embedded online menu appears with cookies disabled:


This is most commonly caused by a settings issue relating to how a patient's internet browser is configured to handle cookies, as use of the online menu requires cookies be accepted.  Of the major browsers, only Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will work by default.  Both Internet Explorer and Safari require changes to their settings before they are able to be used for our online menu.  We will detail these changes below, but please be aware: Due to how these browsers handle their privacy settings, these changes will affect privacy settings for all internet sites.


Internet Explorer 9:


1 - Click the Gear icon at the upper right to open the Options menu


2 - Open the Internet options menu


3 - Put the slider in the lowest setting, "Accept All Cookies" then hit the OK button.


4 - When the patient goes back to the online menu page, they should now properly see the menu as expected.




1 - Click on the Gear icon in the upper left to open the Options menu.


2 - Select "Preferences..."


3 - Click on the 'Never' button then close the window


4 - When the patient reloads the page they should now be able to see the menu as intended.

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