1. Internet connection, ideally with at least 5mpbs download. This can be tested at
  2. Computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OSX.
  3. If connecting all peripherals to one computer: 6 USB ports - if all 5 peripherals will be connected, a keyboard/mouse USB combo will need to be used. We recommend the computer utilized has enough USB slots to accommodate the amount of devices being used.  Although we will provide support for the use of hubs, we don't recommend using one for the necessary equipment for your MJ Freeway site.  If utilizing a usb hub, an independently powered USB hub is preferred over a hub that is powered by your computer, yet is still not ideal for your MJ Freeway peripherals. 

For a complete list of instructions on how to install your devices, click here


These are the most universal.

To test if your existing barcode scanner will work, open notepad (or any text editor such as Word). Make sure cursor is in notepad, and have them scan any barcode. If it brings the numbers from the barcode into notepad AND the cursor jumps to the next line (pictured below), the barcode scanner will work in MJFreeway.

Notepad (in Windows) can be found by navigating to START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > Notepad.


Models we sell:

** NOTE: If you are in a State such as Washington that does not have Mag Stripes on their Driver's Licenses, you will need to purchase a specific 2D barcode scanner, such as the Xenon 1900 which we sell, in order to be able to scan Driver's Licenses.

For step by step installation instructions for your barcode scanner, click here

  2. Like the barcode scanner, the swiper just sends text to the computer, and many models are likely to be compatible. Essentially, your computer views the card swiper as it would a keyboard, entering information into its system.  We prefer to test this in our software though, as there are other computer performance factors that can limit the ability for the browser to completely read the code from the swiper... plus it's nice to see the auto-population of the patient profile.  Card swipers do need to be 3-track readers.
  3. 1. Open a web browser, and go here:

* this is a front desk account with limited access to the rest of our software (meant only for swipe testing) with no ability to create other users. We will probably change the password occasionally, but not without plenty of notification.

2. Put the cursor in the field "Enter or Scan Driver's License #:" on the main patient management screen and swipe a Driver's License through the swiper.



*If you click the "create new patient..." button, make sure you wipe their personal data before saving the profile. Just navigating away from the page without saving will still leave their data in the system.


Patient DL Search - not working.jpg

*If you get this screen, try a few times or with another Driver's License if possible.


 For more detailed instructions on how to install the mag swipe card reader, click here


  • There are models we know will work, and models we "have seen work"... which is basically saying it will probably work, but if it doesn't, or if any issues arise with it, there is nothing we will be able to do to fix it.
  • Both printers, label and receipt, will need to print in portrait mode (further explanation below).
  • Both printers, label and receipt, will need to have a direct USB connection, with no serial or parallel adapters on the connection from the computer to the printer. Looking at the image below, the left piece plugs into the computer and the right piece connects to the printer.


Anything that looks like the image below will rarely, if ever, print correctly from a web browser.




GUARANTEED TO WORK - Models that we sell:


There are many receipt printers we have seen work and we will be adding exact model numbers as we come across them again. A common model we have seen work is an Epson.

For detailed instructions on how to set up your receipt printer, click here


The label printer is much more specific. This need to be:

Zebra 2824 Plus
Zebra 2844

TSC-TDP-22 (NOT Mac compatible)

Model we currently sell:

The Dymo is a common label printer but we haven't seen one work correctly. The problem is the orientation which it prints. Since we are printing from a browser, our receipt printer and label printer need to print with the same orientation - PORTRAIT instead of LANDSCAPE. The majority of, if not all, receipt printers (IMAGE 1) print in PORTRAIT MODE, as does our Zebra label printer (IMAGE2). The Dymo, however, prints in LANDSCAPE MODE (IMAGE 3).




The only scales that will integrate are the A&D scales posted on our website.

*** The most important factor is the type of computer being used. If the scale will be installed on a MAC, the direct USB interface MUST be used, as opposed to the USB to Serial adapter cables. The FX1200iN (.01g) scale has a direct USB option(which must be ordered separately), although it often takes longer to ship since it is often on backorder from the manufacturer, but the EK1200i (.1g) does NOT have a direct USB interface option, and will NOT WORK ON A MAC.

Models we sell:

For more detailed instructions on how to setup and configure your scale, click here

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