Grow Costing: Plant Cost History

With the Grow Costing module active, plants now contain assigned costs incurred during cultivation. A full list of any costs calculated for an individual plant can be found on the plant record itself on a new tab labeled Cost History:


As pictured, the system tracks the Date and Time of incurred costs, along with the Type (base for initial cost, location for location/equipment cost, ingredient type or mix for additive cost), the Details including the names of any ingredients or mixes, the Change in Cost incurred, and the Running Total as these costs are added.


Please note that the changes in cost are links. Upon clicking the link, you will receive a window offering to change the cost. In this case, the plant pictured above ran (very) slightly more expensive than the base cost dictates:

Upon filling in the new cost, simply click Submit to process the new cost and total.











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