BARCODE SCANNER - Troubleshooting

Latest Update: 3/9/2011

Even though the barcode scanner will be the simplest to install, some very common problems can still occur, especially with pre-existing barcode scanners that you may try to get to work with MJ

Here are some common problems experienced with Barcode Scanners, and the best way to resolve them:

Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) is EMPTY, even though I scan the MJ Freeway or external product UPC label over and over again, and the barcode scanner "beeps" every time. What could be the problem?

You just purchased an MJ Freeway certified Barcode Scanner and once it arrived, it was easy to connect. Your Operating System (Windows/Mac) recognized the new barcode scanner. But, every time you scan an MJ Freeway or generic UPC Product Label, with Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) running, the application remains empty. What's wrong?

Well, the most likely scenario is that the barcode scanner has arrived internally configured with a USB/HID interface , and not a USB/Keyboard interface, as described in the Basic Requirements detailed in the HWBS01 - Barcode Scanners - Requirements and Overview article.

The re-configuration of a barcode scanner couldn't be simpler! There is no need to download any applications or utilities. Simply put, with the little manual that came with the unit, or the download below, the barcode scanner can be reconfigured with simple scans of appropriate "configuration" codes.

In the above manual, turn to Page 1-2, and find the following barcode:


Simply print out Page 1-2 and scan the above code, and your barcode scanner will now be configured and installed with a USB/Keyboard interface (see Step 1 - Unpack & Plug In of the HWBS02 - Barcode Scanners - Step-by-Step Configuration Guide).

Now, go ahead and follow Step 2 - Verify the Barcode Scanner of the HWBS02 - Barcode Scanners - Step-by-Step Configuration Guide to verify that your barcode scanner is properly configured.

If, after the above remediation steps have been taken and the issue persists, please contact MJ Freeway Technical Support and we will be glad to assist.

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