04.03. Quickbook Exports


** Please Note: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Make a backup or copy of your Quickbooks file BEFORE performing this import. Quickbooks does not allow imports to be undone, so if you import files and don"t like how they come over, it will be difficult to undo. In Quickbooks, please visit File > Utilities > Import > IIF files to import.

To get the QB export set up you will need to first start by going to Admin > Settings > Quickbooks. Once in there, you can set up Your Quickbooks account names and types, plus determine how you want to handle subaccounts. Make sure the accounts match if your Quickbooks account is already established. This will keep from new accounts being created upon import.

To export your records, you can access Reports > QB Export. This will take you to your exports. Select the date range and the account types you are exporting. Once you do that, you can generate your data. This will bring you to an option to save or open a file. Please save this .iif file to your desktop or downloads folder (whichever is easily accessible for you). You may then import this to Quickbooks.



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