01.07.05. Customized Lists

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01.07.05. Customized Lists

This is your home page for your GramTracker Customized lists section.  Here you can add and adjust terms to your administrative categories within your MJ Freeway GrowTracker Site.  Each section of this list we will explore below.

 List Terms: This allows you to view and modify any existing terms.  For instance, to view our terms for the ‘Catalog’ category, we see a list of product categories.  We can click on ‘edit’ for MMJ and rename that product category.

Add Terms: From this link, you can add new terms to any of the categories.  For instance, if we click on ‘Add Terms’ for ‘Ingredient Types’ we can add things like Nutrient, Soil Amendment, etc.

Caregiver List: This section holds our list of caregivers or providers that we can attach to patients through a dropdown menu on the patient profile.

**Note: When adding a caregiver, checking the checkbox "Assigned Patients have designated us as their Caregiver/Primary Center" will allow you to track plant counts for patients associate with that caregiver.

Transfer to Location Statuses:  This list is conditional based on software functionality.  If you have multiple locations, you will be able to transfer inventory to your other stores, or even delivery drivers in cases where your drivers carry an inventory selection for the patient.  Additionally, if you are using MixTracker or Gramtracker, these terms will be available when sending inventory from the Grow (GrowTracker) to the Store (GramTracker).  As with the PO, you can create these transfers and save them with various statuses, such as Pending.

Finishing Locations – Within GrowTracker, when you create a batch to process weights from harvested plants, your batches can be held at various user defined Locations.

Grow Weigh Points – As a batch of harvested flower is being cured and processed, weight(finished weight, waste, wholesale byproduct/Trim) can be tracked a various stages.  This list allows you to build those stages, or weigh points.  In the example above, we have Wet Weight, Cure and Cure 2.

Ingredient Types: When under Grow > Ingredients & Mixes > Manage Ingredients, these will be the base category options in which you can assign each ingredient.  I.e., Fungicide, Grow Medium, Nutrient, Pesticide, Soil Amendment.  These are the default terms within your MJF GrowTracker, however you can add or edit each term if you choose. 

Routes: If using Transportation Manifests, you can create routes to be traveled and save them in your site.  This will allow you to save and use those routes for future transportation. 

Batch Weight Types: Under Grow > Batches > Batch Weights you are given three primary wet weight components, Waste, Wholesale Byproduct, Unfinished Product. To add to these options, you can Add Term to Batch Weight Types. 


Vehicles: Each 'term' here is essentially the identification of each vehicle you're utilizing. When you 'Add term to Vehicles', the term name and description will be displayed on taxonomy/term pages and RSS feeds.  You can also enter the Vehicle Details here, such as Color, Year, Make, Model, Plate# and Vin#. 

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