User menu popup

Users within the system may notice that the X button to log out no longer appears to the right of their username on the top bar of the site. Now, when clicking one's username, a new popup appears:




The X button in this case will close the popup list. The links to its left perform the following functions:

  • User Details navigates to the same user landing page as clicking the username previously.
  • Clock In in this case will clock the user in, and will change name and function to the next logical Timeclock button once clicked. This will only appear if the Timeclock module is active.
  • Notifications will navigate to the Notifications listing page, displaying any current notifications set within the system.
  • Logout will log a user out, much like clicking the X did in past versions of the software.
  • My Schedule and its indented listings will navigate to the user's task schedule page if the Tasking module is in use.
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