Patient Appointments

With the tasking module enabled, patients can go to a dispensary's online shopping cart to schedule an appointment.


To do this, first establish any desired Primary Activities following the directions detailed here


To enable this, navigate to Admin, Settings, Patient Settings.



Expand the Patient Appointments header and check Allow patients to schedule appointments.



Once this is done, the settings following this checkbox will control the parameters of your patient scheduler. You may set the appointment length in minutes, maximum number of appointments that can occur across all patients within a given time slot, hours of availability, and days of availability.




The patient workflow is thus:

  1. A patient logs in to the online shopping cart for your organization and selects a location.
  2. Schedule Appointment will appear alongside the usual online cart options.                   
  3. The patient will select the type of appointment (from Primary Activities terms flagged as  used for appointments) and the desired date.        
  4. Once the date is selected, all available times will appear with a button to Schedule the appointment for that time.            
  5. Once the patient presses Schedule, a prompt will appear at the bottom asking the patient to Confirm the appointment:
  6. This will now appear on your patient scheduling view under Patients, Scheduling.   
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