01.07. Task Scheduling

MJ Freeway Sites with the Tasking module enabled may set schedules for individual employees for a number of tasks.  On all three sides of the system (GrowTracker, GramTracker, MixTracker) you are able to create tasks and manage tasks for employees.


Navigate to: Grow  > Task Scheduling




This will bring us to the section (shown below) containing a filterable table of all current tasks in your MJ Freeway site. You can filter by employees or users in the system. We can look at certain tasks over date ranges or all tasks over date ranges, and we can also filter to see either completed tasks, not completed tasks, or all tasks.

To add a new one, click Add Task above the filter header.


01.07.01.A. Add A Task


In this window, you may select which Activity Name you wish to see performed, select which User you want to perform it, and select a Date, Estimated Duration, and Start Time for the Activity Name. As pictured, you may also set whether you want this to be a Recurring task and set its time frame.

Once you click Save at the bottom of the form, that task will then be visible as a part of the assigned user's schedule and will appear on the scheduling page.

Activity Name:  (Load tasks under the Admin > Customize Lists > Primary Activities or Secondary Activities.  For instructions how to Create an Activity, click here) The name of the Task you want the User to perform. (i.e., Check for Males, Confirm humidity at +95%, Prune, refill CO2/Change tank, Replace Bulbs, Sweep Floor, Visit with Patient Consultant)

Users: Employee or MJ Freeway Site user that you want to assign this particular task(s) to. Once assigned, the employee will see this task under their

User name > My Schedule > Tasks tab. (shown below)

**Note: In order for a User to see their tasks in that Site, they must be under that site, meaning, to see Grow tasks, that user needs to be logged on under the Grow, Store tasks, logged on under the Store, etc.  -You can see all of your tasks for both locations from your user profile.


Date: YEAR-MM-DD; This is the task will assign to for completion in the system.

Estimated Duration: HOURS/MINUTES; How long will it take to complete this task? Expected time of completion is relevant because once an Estimated Duration time is assigned, once the employee completes the task, they can enter in to the system how long it took them to complete the task. Then you are able to do some comparative reports to see how time is being spent.

Start Time: HOURS/MINUTES When the User is scheduled to begin.  **Note: This is military time format, therefore enter time as a 24 hour format.

Recurring Frequency: Does this task need to reoccur? Your options are every <enter a number> per Days, Weeks, Months.

Notes: You can enter notes regarding this task.



01.07.01.B. Filter Tasks

Users: This is a drop-down list of all the employees or users in the system. You can hold the CTRL key to select more than one name at a time.


Activity Name: This is a drop-down menu selection of the tasks created under Customize Lists > Primary Activities or Secondary Activities.

(For instructions how to Create an Activity, click here


Start Date: MM/DD/YEAR; The beginning date of the range needed for filtering tasks.

End Date: MM/DD/YEAR; The end date of the range needed for filtering tasks.


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