April Functionality Release

Additional Knowlegebases on these items are coming soon.

GramTracker Features

  • Weight Limits can now be overridden on a patient-by-patient basis. Useful for compliance in some states, and for Colorado to control in-state vs out-of-state sales limits.
  • Admins can now toggle whether or not they want to allow budtenders to sell inventory into the negative
  • Our Leafly integration now pushes a product’s description
  • Formatting changes for New Account emails for Online Ordering
  • Fixes to the Wholesale “packing” and “un-packing” process
  • Package data including ID, Additional ID, Batch, and Batch Additional ID added to Inventory Data source
  • Some under-the-hood performance tweaks
  • Colorado Compliance:
    • Packages throughout the system can now carry an additional ID (MITS)
    • Package Sales Report displays Package ID, Batch ID and Additional Batch ID for troubleshooting MITS Export.
  • Oregon Compliance:
    • It’s now possible to assign *another patient* as caregiver
    • When an order is started for a patient using this feature, the sale requires tracking of whether the patient themselves or the caregiver is picking up the order
  • Canadian Compliance:
    • You are now able to enter the Estimated Shipping & Delivery dates for their patient labels
  • Vermont Compliance
    • Labels now compliant with state regulations


GrowTracker Features

  • Locations in GrowTracker can now be barcoded for faster use in the Scan Plants page
  • It is now possible to directly package plants in the Clone stage for distribution to the store
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