February 2014 Release Overview

Highlights from this release include:

  • Tax Profiles: A means of enabling a high degree of granularity with taxes.
    • Click here to open a Knowledgebase article in a new window.
    • Tax Rates still exist as baseline names & percentages.
    • These Rates are gathered into Profiles.
    • These Profiles are assigned to locations OR used on a patient-by-patient basis – enabling taxes to be based on the patient location rather than the store..
    • Previous settings have been migrated for all existing stores, and taxes should behave as usual.


  • Store Admins can now alter the date on which an order occurred.

  • Improvements to Wholesale Orders:

    • Click here to open a Knowledgebase article in a new window.
    • Wholesale Orders now have a “Packaged” state which allows users to remove associated quantities from inventory, but also be able to reverse that process in the case of changes to the order prior to final delivery & payment.
    • You may need to contact support to have wholesale enabled.
  • Receipts now print original date of sale rather than current date when reprinted.
  • Reporting Engine: 

    • Batch Data added to Orders Data Source.

    • Batch Sales Report added to GramTracker Reports
  • For Arizona: Labels have had some terminology updated.

    • “Chemical Additives” changed to “Additives”.
    • Wholesale orders in the “Packaged” state display product weights on printable invoice.


  • For Canada:

    • Canada has labels specific to their needs.
    • We also now allow tracking physician license # on patient profiles.
    • Payments are now accepted through Online Ordering.
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