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With this month's release, tax structures within your GramTracker database have changed. While this should be a transparent change in the day-to-day, the setup and modification of taxes for a given location is somewhat different.


Within the updated tax structure, taxes are established as Tax Rates and Tax Profiles. A Tax Rate is functionally the same entity as before, namely a percentage applied to the prices of specified products. Rather than setting location and tax exemption applicability at the Rate level, however, now Store Administrators possess the ability to create Tax Profiles, which are set arrangements of Rates and exemptions that may be applied to a given location.


1. Migration from Prior Tax Rates

2. Creating or Editing a Tax Profile

3. Applying a Patient Override


Migration from Prior Tax Rates


For existing tax setups, upon publication of this release multiple Tax Profiles will be generated automatically:

1. Each GramTracker location will receive its own Profile constructed of Rates currently applicable.

2. A Default profile will be established. Any GramTracker locations that become disassociated with their original profiles will revert to this profile.



Creating or Editing a Tax Profile


To edit or add Tax Profiles, navigate to Admin, Taxes, Tax Profiles. (Note: This article does not revisit Tax Rates, as their creation and modification are unchanged)


This page will display your existing Tax Profiles, along with links to create, edit, or delete existing profiles. Due to its specialized nature, Default cannot be deleted.


Upon clicking Edit or Add, you will see a prompt to enter a Name for the Profile, add any applicable Rates to the Profile, and select any Locations to which this Profile will apply. Upon adding a Rate, an additional dropdown will appear to let you select whether this tax rate observes or ignores tax exempt status. Once the Profile is configured, click Save.


Note that a profile can be saved without a Location. This may still be used for a patient-specific override, detailed below.



Applying a Patient Override


When a patient qualifies for a set of taxes other than a location's set Profile or the Default, another Profile can be set within the patient record. To do so, simply navigate to the patient record in question and select Edit. Beneath the field for Tax Exemption in the patient record, a new checkbox will appear labeled Override Tax Profile. When checked, a user may select a specific Profile to use instead of the location's current Profile.


Note: - None - will default the patient to the location's Profile. Also, this setting is subject to the Restrict Changing of Tax Exempt Status to Managers and Admins setting found under Admin, Settings, General Settings.

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