How to: Add a partner integration

This article will detail the steps of adding any menu integration, aside from Weedmaps or Leafly.  Steps for enabling the menu integration with Weedmaps can be found here and Leafly menu integration steps can be found here.

This feature is included in GramTracker Pro and Elite packages. If you have GramTracker Startup package and would like to add automatic integration to all the locator services we support, you can do so using the link below:


To add a menu integration partner, you will need that partner’s API ID.  IDs for specific partners can be found at the end of this document.

One you have found the proper Key, Navigate, in MJ Freeway, to Admin > Settings > Integrations.




Once there, click ‘Add Partner.’

Copy and Paste the API ID into the field labeled ‘API ID.

Check the box: ‘Menu Export API - allows exporting of menu’

Click ‘SAVE’

Finally, navigate back to Admin > Settings > Integrations and you will see that partner’s, API ID, API Key, and menu URL.

The Menu URL for this purpose is the one labeled: ‘URL to give to partners for product information:’

Depending on the partner, you may need to e-mail the API ID, API Key, and Menu URL to the partner, or they have a menu that allows you to enter this information on their site.

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