How to: Create a coupon barcode label

Store Managers and Administrators within GramTracker can create a coupon that will allow a user to scan in a coupon code rather than enter it manually or through the Coupon interface.

To do so, first navigate to Admin, Coupons and locate the coupon you want to use for your barcode. In this case, we will use Ten Percent Off, or 10OFF.


Next, navigate to Inventory, Products and select Add a New Product.


In the Create Product screen, set the product's Item Name to what you wish to have display on the label. In this case, we will use the Name of the coupon itself. The Item Type can be set to any category as this will not be a product put into actual use. In Item ID, set the SKU to be the Code of the coupon followed by CP, which will tell the sales screen to process the code as a coupon. Please bear in mind that CP must be capitalized as pictured.


Once this is done, printing a label for this product will give you a label with the coupon's code:


After you have finished printing your coupon labels, edit the product, delete the Item ID, uncheck Product Is Active, and save the product.

Once the product has had its Item ID changed and has been inactivated, these labels will apply the specified coupon when scanned in the point of sale screen.

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