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GramTracker allows a dispensary to process and track refunds for purchases made within the system.



1. Creating an Anonymous Refund Order

2. Creating a Referenced Refund Order

3. Completing a Refund Order


A user may initiate a refund order in two ways. To begin a refund in either instance, click the Sales tab on the green navigation bar to enter the POS screen.




1. Creating an Anonymous Refund Order


Once on the sales screen, click the Refund Order button at the bottom to initiate an anonymous refund order.


Note: administrators may disable anonymous refund orders by checking the appropriate setting in Admin Sales Settings.


Once you have entered this screen, use the product menu to select what products are being returned. Once the list of products to return is complete, proceed to step 3.

2. Creating a Referenced Refund Order


Once in the sales screen, enter the order number in the data field and click Find Order at the bottom of the screen to look up the specific order being refunded. Once the order has loaded, click Refund Order. This will open a window asking to confirm which and what quantity of items from the initial order are to be returned.



Check the Refund? box for any and all items being returned, and enter the correct quantities in the Refund Qty fields. In this example, we will return both brownies:



Upon filling in the Confirm Return Quantities window, click Refund Selected to generate the Refund Order. A refund created in this way will automatically include the products selected in the Confirm Return Quantities window.





3. Completing a Refund Order


Whether the refund order is created anonymously or in reference to a completed sales order, once the order is complete, click the button corresponding to the method of refund, e.g. Cash or Debit. A new window will open to allow you to restock the returned product(s) as applicable.


On batch-tracked systems only this window will also include restocking options, allowing you to select whether the product is being returned to the original package, another existing package, or a new package. If restocking to a new package, you will be asked to fill in the package and batch numbers, as well as the product’s producer.

Once you have indicated what item(s) to restock (and your Restock Options, as applicable), click Restock Inventory. You may then select Print Receipt to provide your patient a receipt, and close the order.


Note: Administrators may additionally set the system to allow only managers and administrators to perform refunds by checking the appropriate setting in Admin Sales Settings.

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