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Patient Rewards allow your patients to accrue points based on either the dollars they spend or the number of orders they complete.  You will then be able to create Awards, either time based or point based, that a patient can redeem.


To setup your patient rewards program, navigate to Admin > Patient Rewards.


To determine HOW patient rewards will be calculated, as well as WHO will receive reward points, click the ‘Settings’ tab.

We will award point: This dropdown allows you to determine whether points will be awarded based on dollars spent or orders completed.

Number of Points: This field allows you to set the actual number of points that will be awarded for either every dollar spent or every order completed.


Who is eligible to earn points: Each patient in MJ Freeway can be designated as ‘Member’ or ‘Non-Member.’  With this filter, in patient rewards, you can determine which ‘type’ of patient will receive reward point.

Lastly, we can specify HOW rewards point will be calculated.

‘A patient can earn points on the same order in which they are redeeming points.’ – With this box checked, a patient will be able to receive rewards points on the same order in which they are redeeming an Award.  For instance, if we are accruing points based on dollars spent, and a patient’s order comes to $100, minus a $10 patient reward, the patient would receive $90 worth of points.

‘For awards by dollars spent, include discounts in the calculated amount.’ – When checked, this filter says that an order that originally comes to order comes to $100, minus a $10 Coupon/Discount for a subtotal of $90, the patient would receive $90 worth of points.

‘For awards by dollars spent, include taxes in the calculated amount’ – If this box is checked, a patient will receive points for taxes on the order.  A $100 order, with taxes totaling $7.60, has a subtotal of $107.60.  If this box is checked in this case, the patient would receive $107.60 worth of patient rewards.  Leaving the box unchecked would give the patient $100 worth of reward points.



Now we will cover creating Awards in the system  that a patient can redeeming for things like free products, dollar or percentage discount.

Award Name: This will your name for the reward.

Points Required: This will be the minimum number of points required before a patient will be able to redeem the Award.

Limit redemption to once every: This allows you to set a time restriction on HOW OFTEN an Award is redeemable.  In the example directly below, we are determining that, regardless of the number of points a patient has, the Award can only be redeemed once every 6 months.  You also have the option to create a ZERO point reward that doesn’t require any points, but has a limit on HOW OFTEN a patient can redeem.  An example of this may be ‘ONE FREE PREROLL FOR EVERY MEMBER EVERY 6 MONTHS.’

Who is eligible to redeem award?: Since every patient in the system can be tagged as Member or Non-Member, you can setup different rewards for each.  This may be a simple as recreated the same Award, just at a higher point value for non-members.

Type of Reward: The options for the type of reward are dollar discount, percentage discount, Free Product(at which point you will enter HOW MANY free products the patient will receive) and Free Product from Bulk(this will allow you to determine a weight in grams or ounces designating how much weight the patient will receive for free.)

Applicable Products and Applicable Product Categories both allow us to set further restrictions on which products or product categories should be eligible for this Award.


Points can be modified, by an admin, on any patient profile.  If you need to manually add or remove points from a patient’s account for any reason, navigate to the patient’s profile and click the ‘REWARDS’ tab.

Once in a sale, clicking on the ‘COUPON’ button will generate a popup that will tell you which, if any, Awards have been redeemed by a patient and which Awards they currently have enough points to redeem.

Once the order is completed, the points will be automatically removed from the patients account.

Reward points will print on patient receipts and will be viewable from the patient data tab for the budtender to quickly view.

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