01.04.01 Patient Task Schedule

For delivery services, the ability to access a patient’s address quickly and conveniently is a major advantage and improvement to efficiency. Following the procedure below, your dispatch location can embed a link into the patient’s notes for your driver.


Please note that while this will only need to be done once for any given patient, this will need to be done for each patient.


  1. Search the patient requesting delivery and select edit:

  2. Locate the Notes & Additional Information box and enter the following HTML tag:
    <a href="">Google Maps</a>

  3. Locate the patient’s address:

  4. Open another browser tab and navigate to Google Maps. Search for the address.

  5. Click the Link icon to generate a link to this location:

  6. Switch back to your browser tab with the client profile. Paste the link into the Notes & Additional Information box:

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Save (And Check In or Start Order depending on your organization’s dispatch procedure).

Once the order is dispatched, the driver will be able to view the link within the order:

  1. Select the active order from the Patient Management screen as usual:

  2. Select the Patient Data screen within the sales screen. The Google Maps link will appear under Notes:

    This link will go to Google Maps at the address linked, where directions will be a click or two away.
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