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 04.02. Products

This article will cover Product setup within MJ Freeway.  Any item that you wish to sell/provide to a patient must have a Product in MJ Freeway. 

Navigating to Inventory > Products allows you to view your Active and/or Inactive Products.



A few examples of Product types that you may need to create in MJ Freeway are as follows:

Weigh on the Spot: Weighing the medication/product in front of the patient at the time of the order.
*examples from the screenshot above - AK-47, Apollo MMJ, Blue Dream, Blueberry

PrePackaged Products: With multiple price points, in which you will provide medication of a predetermined, prepackaged, weight, such as prepackaged flower (1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, etc) or concentrates (.5g, 1g, etc.).
*examples from the screenshot above – Blue Dream Pre-Package

Simple unit based inventory: With only one price point, such as Edibles or Accessories, like pipes.
*examples from the screenshot above – AK 47 Clones, Arrowhead Water, Blue Dream Pre-Roll

Non-inventoried items: such as services, classes or fees, in which you don’t actually carry a ‘stock-level’ but wish to track sales.

Once you have navigated to Inventory > Products, you can search your Products by ‘Product Name’ or by Product Category (pictured above).  To add a new product of any type, click ‘Add a New Product’ and follow the section below.

Item Name: Enter the name of your product here.  This name will appear on label and receipts.  You cannot have two products in the system with the same name.

Item Type: This dropdown allows to select the Product Category for this particular item (Edibles, Flower, Concentrates, etc.).  Every product must have a category and these categories are customizable (see Customize Lists).

Item ID: This field will auto-populate and will be the SKU number that will be available on the barcode that can be printed for this product once the Product has be setup.  If your item already has a barcode, entering that pre-existing SKU in this field will allow you scan that barcode during the sale to add the item to an order.

Description: This field is not required but descriptions will be available to budtenders at the time of sale and will also carry over to your online product listing (online menu posting optional).


Each product will have ‘Sell Price’ and ‘Member Price’ which corresponds to the member status on the patient profile.  Patient set as ‘non-member’ will be automatically charged from ‘Sell Price’ and patients marked as ‘Members’ will be automatically charged from ‘Member Price.’  If you don’t have two pricing designations, such as member vs non-member, then enter the same value for ‘Sell Price’ and ‘Member Price.’

Simple Pricing:  This pricing type will be used for Product types that only have one pricing level, such as edibles and accessories.  You can use the Tax Included Calculator to back out the taxes and list the product at the pre-tax price.

Price By Weight: Any product that has multiple price points, such as flower and concentrate, will require Price By Weight.  You can customize your ‘Pricing Weights’ and add multiple ‘Pricing Groups’ in order to autopopulate prices for your strains.

*For more information regarding Pricing Weights and Pricing Groups click here.



Simple Inventory: This inventory type will be used for anything sold in units, not grams, such as edibles, accessories or prepackaged inventory.

This is a marijuana infused product (MIP): This checkbox tells the reports whether the inventory item is medicated or not.

Default MMJ Per Unit:  For medicate items such as edibles, this field is used to enter the amount of medication in each unit.  In the example above, we have .1grams, or 100mg, per edible.

Default Product Cost for Future Transactions: This is your cost, how much you pay, of each item.

Bulk Inventory: For product being weighed out at the point of sale, we will use Bulk Inventory tracking.  The will tie the product to the ‘Jar’, in this case Blue Dream.  Now, whenever our Blue Dream strain is sold, inventory will be deducted from our Blue Dream Bulk inventory in real time.

This last section holds the settings for menu integrations and image attachments.



EXAMPLE: "REMOVE" a Product or a Bulk Inventory item 

In the following example, we will make a product inactive in order to remove that product from the Product list. The process is identical for removing a Bulk item from your Bulk Inventory list.

Go to the Inventory > Products

Find the Product you wish to remove by locating it on the list of Products, or by entering the Product name in the search field.

Click on the product and then click on the Edit tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and uncheck the box ‘Product is Active.’

The product will be moved to Inactive Products and will no longer appear on your Product list or on your Sales Screen.

We do not fully delete products because any transaction history referring to a deleted product would be invalidated.

In the video below, we will make Dank Diesel inactive, thus removing it from your Product list.


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