Manage Users

After logging on with the username and password provided to you through email. Your first step will be to create specific users for yourself, and all of your employees.

Navigate to :

Admin > Manage Users

The manage users page is a fairly typical GramTracker page, and most pages have the same basic set up.

At the bottom, you will see existing data in your system. If you have not created users yet, there will be nothing here.

Moving up the page, you’ll next see a Filter section, that allows you to search through your existing data.

Finally, if you have the proper permissions, you’ll see a link that allows you to add data to the system. Here, it’s called “Add User.

Clicking “Add User” will allow you to add a user to the system by filling out a form, and saving the information.

The Username is one of the most important fields on the page. In addition to being what’s typed in order to log into the system, all transactions and changes are recorded as having been done by that name. You can see what user you’re currently logged in as in the top righthand corner.

While a Username can technically be anything, because this is used so much throughout the system, it’s recommended that you make your usernames something clear and easy to both type and read.

The most common naming convention is to use a combination of the employee’s first and last names, such as first name and last initial, or first initial and last name.

This makes it easier to track what a user has been doing.

This should be an employee’s PERSONAL email address. This is the e-mail address that will receive a communication if a person forgets and needs to reset their password.

This is the user’s password. GramTracker will rate your password based on how secure that password is. It is acceptable to have a “medium” strength password, but you can easily make passwords stronger by adding punctuation, numbers, or a combination of lower and uppercase letters.

For your employees, you should create a “dummy” password, such as “Test123!”, and have them change their own password once logged in.

A user can change their own password once logged in, by clicking on the username that appears after “Welcome, “ in the top righthand corner of GramTracker.


Roles are a way of telling GramTracker what a user is allowed to access and do within the system.

While multiple roles can be combined, its important to think about a user’s permissions before checking off boxes. If two roles have conflicting permissions, this can cause problems.

There are several different types of roles.
A full description of roles and their permissions can be found at this link :
User Roles and Access Permissions

This section determines what a user can do within GramTracker.
Generally speaking :

  • Front Desk : Checks Patients into the system, updates patient information, can do sales.
  • Budtender : Can do everything a Front Desk user can do, plus can see details on Bulk Inventory items.
  • Store manager: Can do everything a Budtender can do, plus, can adjust inventory levels, prices, apply discounts to orders, and can adjust the cash register (for your nightly drop)
  • Store Administrator: Can do, adjust, and see everything in the GramTracker system. Does not need to be combined with other GramTracker roles.

Reporting Roles offer users access to various reports within the GramTracker system, and can be used alone, or along with other roles.

  • Closer: Gives access to the Closing Report and the Inventory Reconciliation Report. Often used along with the “Budtender” role, so that Budtenders can print these reports at the end of the night.
  • Bookkeeper: Gives access to all of the reports in the system. Most commonly used alone, and given to accountants.
  • Compliance Reports: Gives access to state compliance reports. In Colorado, this is often given to Manager users.

These roles allow access to the GrowTracker system.

  • Grower: Can do most tasks, including adding and updating plants.
  • Grow Admin: Can do all tasks in GrowTracker, including modifying settings.

Read only roles grant viewing access to the GramTracker and GrowTracker systems. Someone with one or both of these roles has no ability to change data within the system.

Bubble help is an optional item that creates a Question Mark iconnext to many items in the system. When clicked, this icon will show a pop up window with information about the selected item.

This is one of the most important fields on the page. If a user is Active, they are able to log into the system as long as they get their username and password correct.

For this reason, it is very important that if you terminate someone’s employ, the first thing you do is to inactivate their user.

Checking this box will send an email to the email address you’ve listed for the user, to notify them of their new GramTracker or GrowTracker account.

For details on Login Limits, please see the below knowledgebase.

Typically, Login Limits are not set up until after a store has been in business, and you can turn this on any time you like.

Employee Details provides a place to note vital details about your employees.

The Initials and State MMJ License numbers are required for Colorado State compliance reports.

Finally, when done, make certain you click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Now that you’ve created a User, you can log out by clicking the X in the top right corner, next to your username.

Once logged out, you can now log in and test your new User!

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