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This article will discuss how to configure online ordering settings for your MJ Freeway Site.  Online ordering is available to every subscription level with MJ Freeway.

Navigate to: Admin > Settings > Online Visits

Admin > Settings > Online Orders

Admin > Settings > Settings Manager > Online Orders Settings


05.01.07.A. Online Orders Settings - General

This is your main home page for Online settings.  Here you will find your Online Ordering/Visits URLs. These are your URLs for your online ordering page. Depending on how many GramTracker locations you have on your MJ Freeway Site, you will have a subsequent online shopping cart URL link for that location under "Your Online Ordering URLs are:".  If you have multiple stores, each store can post their own menu that observes their own inventory stock levels.  We have included new features that will allow for each store location to have unique fulfillment options, shopping cart behavior (messaging to the patient/customer),

In this example each location is listed as:

Base: The main location on your site.

Base Retail: The additional location(s) on your site.

To enable online ordering, check the box next to "Enable online ordering?" and click "SAVE" at the bottom.  

Online Store Name: Enter a store name here to display on your online ordering page, if the name you want to display differs from the name of your site defined in Admin > Settings > General Settings > Site Settings > Company Name. Leave this blank to use your name defined in General Settings.

Order Fulfillment Options: ***These are all location specific options***

  • In Store Pickup:Will not ask for an address.
  • Delivery: The system will ask the patient for the exact delivery address at that time, even if they are logged in.  The system saves their address history, so auto populate is possible for each time they shop.
  • Both: Will give the option to enter an address or check a box that they are going to pick up in-store. 

Configure Delivery Methods:  If you click on "Configure Delivery Methods" hotlink, you will be directed to the Online Ordering Settings page. For more information on configuring delivery methods, click here.


**Note: To make a product shippable you can set that up in any individual product.

Allow unregistered patients/customers to browse menu: by checking the box, you will turn this feature on.  This would allow patients/customers to see the menu but not be able to place an order unless they are registered.  

Leaving this option unchecked is the most restrictive option,not allowing the patient/customer to browse the menu if they are unregistered. Unregistered patients don't have an account, which means in that scenario, they would have to login to even see the menu.

Allow unregistered patients/customers to place orders: by checking the box, you will turn this feature on.  Keeping this selection unchecked will require unregistered patients to register in order to place an order. The patient/customer will be taken to a page where they can enter their patient/customer information when attempting to "submit order" on the online menu.

Allow employees to place orders on behalf of patients/customers: (not on video tutorial) by checking the box, you will turn this feature on.  This feature would allow employees to take a call and place an order for patients/customers if the patient/customer doesn't  have internet access, etc. This is an option to assist locations by keeping the proper workflow while still allowing them to aid patients/customers place an online order. 

Available Online Locations: Depending on how many GramTracker locations you have on your MJ Freeway Site will determine the options you see here. Each site location (Base, Base - Second location, etc.) will have its own checkbox and refers to the links referenced at the top of this page.  Check the box next to each location you want to enable the online menu for, you can choose as little or as many as you like. 

Notice to display if username and password are incorrect: This is the text that will be displayed to a customer/patient if a user name and/or password fails.

05.01.07.B. Online Payment Options

This only used if you have a credit card payment gateway enabled.  If you are unsure, you can reach out to sales or MJ Freeway Support department if you are curious about this option.  This option ideally requires an e-commerce merchant account where someone is allowed to type in a credit card and send it in, as opposed to a retail merchant account which requires a card to be swiped when a transaction is completed, meaning the transaction would have to be done in the store. 


05.01.07.C. Inventory Options

We can allow users (employees in your system) to sell inventory even if it has been reserved for an online order.  You can adjust those preferences here. 


05.01.07.D. Email Options

We can ask that the system notify you when a new order is created or transferred.  This is helpful to use for for Drivers. Essentially, you can set the driver's email to text short code in and when a new online order comes or when you transfer an order to a driver, they will get a text message they have a new order. 

When you set up an account for someone, in the patient profile, you can have a website show up in their email notification that they have received a new account.  You can have this page embedded in your website through some simple i-frame code, so the patient/customer is never leaving your public site even though they are placing an order through the MJ Freeway shopping cart, logging in, etc.


05.01.07.E. Product Listing Options

We have the ability in the system to:

  • Show only in-stock products: Based on the levels within each location in your MJ Freeway site.  
  • Include pending orders in in-stock calculation: If we have open orders that are in progress and they have inventory on those orders, even if the sale is not completed that inventory will be accounted for with the online ordering cart.  So essentially, those items will be pulled off of the menu in stock.
  • Online Ordering products display test results: Test results must be attached to the products in your MJ Freeway system to have results to display.



05.01.07.F. Member Pricing

This option allows for you to choose between Member vs Non Member pricing (based on your pricing groups within your MJ Freeway Site). 

For patients/customers that are not logged in, show: Non-Member Pricing Only / Member Pricing Only / Both Member and non-member pricing. 

If you would like to send an email confirmation for your online orders, check the "E-mail the patient upon submittal of an order" box.  Below, you can enter the standard text of the confirmation email in which is sent.  This will be sent to the email the patient/customer entered when they registered. 



05.01.07.G. Cart Options (What your end user sees)

This section allows for the customization of your online ordering web page. 

The following expanded menus represent the available options in the shopping cart.  This includes how the page is displayed, custom CSS, custom headers and footers, menu layout, as well as cart messaging to the customer/patient.  ***These are all location specific options***

If your online cart is embedded into another website, the ‘iFrame’ option will remove the banner information at the top of the cart and allow you to control the width of the frame. This also removes the option for a custom header and custom footer on your website.  To customize your website with your own personal logo, this is where you can do that. 

Full Page vs iFrame view:

By selecting the Full Page view, a custom header and custom footer can be used. 

Custom Header code used with Full Page mode: Enter the source code here for the preferred header for your online ordering web page.

Custom Footer code used with Full Page mode: Enter the source code here for the preferred footer for your online ordering web page here.

Each one of these areas can be adjusted in size to accommodate a larger and smaller view by mousing over the bottom right corner. 

Add your Own Logo:

Save your image as a .png file with a transparent background
Add some padding to the top and left side of the image
Width: 360px to 400px
Height: 75 pixels

You can now upload your image to either the header or footer section to display your own logo. 

The online ordering User Interface functionality now allows you to post your menu in either a Grid/table view or a List view.

GRID VIEW: Boxes spanning across the screen ( 2 or 3 products to a row, limited details)

LIST VIEW: One line item per item in the shopping cart. (1 product per row, with pricing details).

Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the display appearance of your products in pixels or a percentage.  Your width must be AT LEAST 600px in order for your product menu to display properly.

You also have the ability to modify the iFrame width and add a custom style sheet (CSS), which can be used to modify color schemes and themes (see above graphic).

Select Theme: None / Blue_and_black / Bright / Muted_Pastel; Choose the theme CSS file that will override all other CSS files for the online store.

URL to custom CSS to override colors: You can insert the full path of the css file here.  This will override the default colors within your MJ Freeway software and allows you to cater to your businesses preferences.  A sample CSS file in the form of a text document can be downloaded by clicking here, to use as a template so that you can modify the style of the MJ Freeway cart to match your website. There is also a sample CSS file within this section of your MJ Freeway software. 

Position of Sidebar blocks: Right / Left

Position of Product Category block: Allows you to choose the location of the sidebar on your online ordering website. 


Having trouble with your online menu not displaying products? Click here for the troubleshooting article. 


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