Our data archive process allows you backup your site in a separate location and clean your main site of all history.  Your main site can be cleared of all history, at which point only thing like patients, products, coupons, pricing groups, and current inventory levels will remain.  All historical data will remain intact and accessible on your new archived site.

In the following example, we have our main site 215 MEDS COLLECTIVE, which has plenty of sales history.



Upon request, we will create a new site with a different url(website address) of your choosing.  This new site will be an exact match of your main site, although it will have red header.



Once the archive is created, we can wipe the historical data from your main site, leaving you with a fresh main site, and an archive site that holds all historical data.



Remember, this is YOUR data.  After the archive is complete, you may do with it what you wish.

Each archive is a one-time $50 charge, unless you are currently subscribed to the Business Elite plan.  You may request as many archives as you wish.

To request an archive, please contact us at support by sending an e-mail to or calling our support line at 888-932-6537 ext 1

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