Inventory - Why we Allow Inventory to go into the Negative

We try to provide as much flexibility as possible in our system. Some stores do allow their inventory to go negative, perhaps because they are entering an adjustment prior to having entered the receipt of a new shipment in the system, or as a flag to management to review when reconciling inventory.

We want to support whatever business practices each store owner puts in place, so we don't lock you down from going into negative inventory. We do, however, block 0 or negative items from showing on the menu.

This is allowed for two major reasons:

1)      For convenience sake. Especially for our clients using budtender stations, it may be possible that a jar has been refilled or a package brought from the safe to the sales floor, but a manager didn’t make the appropriate change in the system. Or, when checking in inventory or converting inventory, the improper amount was added. Ultimately, somehow, the budtender physically has more than the system has been told that they have. But if a patient wants to buy the amount, the budtender can’t reasonably say “no” or ask that the patient wait for a manager to make the adjustment in the system. So instead, we let the package go negative with the idea that a manager can reconcile the amount later.

2)      For Compliance reasons. If I have 3.5 grams of product in front of me from Package 1, batch A, and the system thinks I only have 2.5. Technically speaking I could pull from another package, but if that’s of a different batch, then I am then misrepresenting which batch I am selling. Instead, the system assumes that the budtender is accurately recording what they’re selling from a given package, so that it can print the proper batch information on the label, even if that knocks the package into the negative. While this does create an inventory issue, it complies with the state requirements for batch tracking.


However, we've recently introduced a feature that allows you to prevent this action by Budtender users.
Navigate to Admin > Settings > Sales.
At the bottom of the page you'll see a checkbox for "Limit Negative Sales to Managers & Admins".
Checking this box will cause Budtender and Front Desk employees to get a warning when attempting to sell a package that is either already zero, or for an amount that would cause a package to go into the negative.

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